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Social Media Workshops in the North East

Are you a North East based business looking to improve your Social Media Marketing skills? You may be an existing business already using Social Media, but not finding it quite works for you, you may think that although you are using the platforms you just don’t think you are getting it right, or maybe you are a brand new North East business completely new to Social Media.

North East Social Media Ltd have developed a range of Social Media Marketing Workshops including:-

These Workshops have been designed by Award Winning Social Media Consultant Amanda Dixon to vastly improve the knowledge and skills of any small business owner or owner-managers in the North East of England, enabling them to use the most popular Social Media Marketing platforms efficiently and effectively.

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Networking in the North East

If you are a small business owner or owner-manager and you would like to join a group of like-minded business owners take a look at Monday Motivation.

We meet once a month, on a Monday (no surprise there). We are a small group who meet regularly to draw upon each others experience and expertise. We are able to share difficulties and successes and bounce ideas off other business owners who may be going through the same issues, or may have experienced them in the past.

It’s fun, it’s informal and it just takes 2 hours once a month! Fantastic for brainstorming and masterminding!

Find out more about Monday Motivation, held at The Team Valley Business Centre, Earlsway, Team Valley, NE11 0QH hosted by Stacey Ballands of BizSpace Team Valley and Amanda Dixon of North East Social Media Ltd.